With lake perch, crayfish and mint



Straight from Susy Milani's hands


Modesty aside, the Ravioli of Sesto Calende is the ravioli of the union. It represents the bond, the twinning and the friendship between two realities that observe each other and interact, swapping roles and inhabitants: the lake, still, observing, quiet , and the river, lively, hopping, loud.

The lake, the river: Sesto Calende, founded in the midst of this landscape. Thanks to the friendly talk of the merry wives who are the pillars of my pasta shop, the city inspired me the idea of bringing the dishes they talk about together inside ravioli.

Therefore, this is a recipe that was born a few years ago, passing through primary school, but with decades of history and an antique touch. A recipe that my grandparents used to tell me about at the time they ran a tavern in the village of Oriano, when the lake and the river were still full of perch and crayfish. Old times.

A timeless ravioli then, that has become a classic and is sought-after by the inhabitants of Sesto Calende for their dining tables andby the numerous passing guests who want to enjoy a gastronomical postcard to take home as a souvenir.

Sesto Calende is located in the exact spot where the Ticino river flows out of the Lake Maggiore to resume its journey towards the Po river, and sports a landscape of great beauty with its lake, hills and mountains. My intention was indeed to make use of local products to give real substance and depth to a filling that is “original” but above all “native”.

The combination of lake perch, crayfish and Sesto Calende wild mint perfectly conveys the initial idea.

“Whoever eats the Ravioli of Sesto Calende shall smile with pleasure”

Susy Milani


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The Ravioli of Sesto Calende originates from the union between a top quality, unique filling and the best pasta, prepared according to the Italian tradition.

Ravioli al pesce persico

Lake perch

Freshwater fish with delicious meat, very light and tasty, and extremly easy to digest. In Italy this fish is especially prevalent in the large northern lakes, but it can be found also in the volcanic lakes in central Italy.

Ravioli ai gamberi di fiume


Small freshwater crustacean, it lives in particularly oxygenated streams and prefers cool waters. It is sought-after in cooking for its delicious meat, sweet and delicate.

Ravioli alla menta

Sesto Calende mint

Perennial herb, it is a spontaneous species, very fragrant, rustic and vigorous. It enriches and enhances the unique taste of the filling, bringin out the fish flavour.

Ravioli con sfoglia di prima qualità


A thin pasta sheet born from the handmade union of few ingredients: fresh eggs, flour, durum wheat flour and tomato paste, which gives the dough a pinkish colour.


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The Ravioli of Sesto Calende is a specialty from La Casa della Pasta Fresca (the Home of Fresh Pasta). You can buy it or taste it whenever you prefer in Sesto Calende (Varese), via V. Veneto 13, or find it in the best shops and restaurants.

We ship within 24 hours by courier: contact us for more details!

A “tasty” present

You can find a gastronomical postcard in its box.


You can taste the Ravioli of Sesto Calende in the best restaurants.


You can also find the Ravioli of Sesto Calende in shops.


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